Wednesday, December 29, 2010

5 Months in Hiroshima - The City Downtown

The Cenotaph
( You can see the peace flame and A-Bomb Dome behind )

A-Bomb Dome
(The nuclear bomb was dropped near this building)

I'm back again ... But now even better.

I got scholarship to study in Hiroshima University of Economics from September to February. It's really a short time to know and learn about Japanese Culture.

As most of my friends said, Hiroshima is a quiet place. For a city, Hiroshima is really quiet compare to other big cities in Japan, like Kyoto, Osaka and of course Tokyo.
On the other hand, Hiroshima still keeps the tradition of Japan and people of Hiroshima, for me, still maintain the Japanese spirit and they represent, in many ways, Japan. They are conservatives. I remember my Sensei's in Japan saying. If foreign companies want to success in Japanese market, they have to be able to penetrate the Hiroshima region market first because this market is the hardest one.
If you are foreigner, and walk on the street. You will still find, people looking at you. There are still people who still not used to foreigners.

Though really quiet, but i like Hiroshima a lot. I like the kindness and politeness of the citizens. If you do something wrong in the public, like cutting the queue, people will still tolerate you and understand that you are foreigner.

Hiroshima city is beautiful place. If you like to just walk on the street without bumping on people, it is the right place. And as you walk to the city downtown, it will get more crowded. Hondori is the biggest shopping street in Hiroshima.

But for me, the main attraction is on Peace Memorial Park. This is the place where we can see the witness of human tragedy. The remainder of A-Bomb Dome, the closest building to the hypocenter of the nuclear bomb, standing still on the bank of river. The Cenotaph, Peace Flame and Peace Bell, all are located in the park. They are the monument that remind us of the tragedy created by nuclear weapon and also monument to unite us to create peace in the world.

There is also a museum about the nuclear bomb dropped in Hiroshima. If you have the chance to go to Hiroshima, don't forget to go to this place and rent the audio guide tape. It will give you full narrative description about the atomic bombing. You will be inspired about creating a peaceful world after you visit this museum.

One thing that i still remember. My friend from Hiroshima ( and of course he is Japanese ) told me that he didn't want Hiroshima to be famous by its atomic-bomb history, but by other stuff beside that. He wanted Hiroshima to become famous because of its Okonomiyaki or Miyajima Island, but not this sad-history thing. This really represents that Hiroshima people want to forget tragedy that had happened to them, and want to leave it behind.

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